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Business Attire

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From suits to skirts, we offer high-end dry cleaning for men’s and women’s business wear.

Our highly trained professionals take special care in cleaning your business attire with eco-friendly solutions, meticulously examining each item for loose threads to fix, or buttons to repair. These repairs will be done as needed, free of charge. We will then hand finish your garments to ensure a perfect wrinkle-free completion, without any seam indentations or creases where there shouldn’t be. Your items will be professionally packaged and returned to you at your home or office – free of charge.

We go the extra mile for our clients, by hand-finishing all business attire that comes through our doors.

For men’s and women’s dress jackets, this means…

Shoulder Pads – We adjust shoulder pads until they are evenly centred and entirely smooth.
Sleeves – We ensure that sleeves are touched-up and without any creases.
Suit Body – Any needed touch-ups are done by our master seamstresses to keep you looking your best.
Collar – We press your collar, ensuring none of the felt found underneath the collar shows.
Lapel – We roll your lapel down to 1″ above the first button, pressing the canvas underneath means your lapel will always be smooth and flat.
Flap Pocket – We carefully press out any indentations under the flap.
Vents – Often there is a crease under vents. We iron this crease out.
Buttons – Any and all indentations caused by buttons will be carefully ironed out.

For men’s and women’s dress pants, this means…

Crease – We ensure the crease down the centre of your pants is put exactly centred between the front and back.
Side Seam – We make sure that side seams are exactly centre between the front and back creases.
Pant Body – Any needed touch-ups will be done by our master seamstresses.
Waist Band – All waist bands are presses, ensuring there are no creases or lines.
Buttons and Button Holes – We carefully iron out any indentations caused by buttons, as well as button holes, to ensure a smooth, flat finish.
Fly Fronts – We ensure any needed touch-ups are made, ironing out any creases the zipper may have made.

We know your business attire is a valued part of your wardrobe. That is why at Spare Moments, all garments are treated with the same meticulous care.